Our Scope of Services

Turn Key  Glass Plant Projects including Planning, Design Engineering, Procurement, Installation , Commissioning ,  Trial & commercial Production, Process stabilisation, Knowledge Transfer and Training the plant Technical Team.

Expertise in meeting clients Business Excellence.

Turn Key Solutions includes

  • Fuel Efficient Furnace Design, Engineering, Erection, Controlled Heat up and Commissioning
  • Automatic and Semi- automatic Batch Mixing Plant & Raw material handling System
  • Guaranteed Fuel Efficiency and Quantity and Quality output
  • Selection, Installation and Commissioning of Forming Machinery associated Equipment, Annealing Lehrs etc
  • Process Automisation , Control and Measuring systems
  • Inspection , Packing Etc
  • Energy Saving, Waste Reduction Management
  • Supplies Include Glass Tank Furnaces, Working End Distributors, Feeder Fore-hearths, Batch Chargers, Firing system & Combustion Equipment, Glass level measuring System, Temperature and Pressure Controls, Fuel- Air Ratio Controllers, Flue Control dampers, Reversal valves, Natural and Forced Draught Chimneys etc
  • Technological Innovation with Innovative Technology
  • Expertise and Experience in Meeting Clients Business Excellence

Typical Furnace Burner Port

Our services


Complete Technical & Management support, Manufacturing and process control,Selection of Plant and Machinery..

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In Planning, Designing, Engineering and Execution of Glass Furnaces, Turn Key Glass Plant Projects. Modifications ..

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In Technical Knowhow, Manufacturing & Process Management for Glass Containers, Glass Tableware, Glass bricks ...

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Our Specialisation and Expertise

  • Glass Project Management
  • Planning, Design & Engineering and Execution of Glass Furnaces
  • Selection, Erection and Commissioning of Production and Utility equipments
  • Construction, Re-construction, Controlled Heat up and Commissioning of Glass Tank Furnaces
  • Hot and cold Repairs of Furnaces
  • Glass Composition Control and Management, and Cost Effective Solutions
  • Design , Engineering and Execution of Technologically advanced Fore hearth Coloring system
  • Energy Conservation and Saving on Heating Fuels and Electricity
  • Planning to Implementation of Gas based Energy Efficient and Cost effective Captive Power plants
  • Conversion and Interchangeability of conventional Fuel to Natural Gas in Process
  • Overhauling , Reconditioning and Re assembly of Production forming Machines
  • Turnaround Sick Glass plants to sustainable Profit Centers

Furnace Elevation Layout

Distributor Layout